The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area is an urban partnership park in the Twin Cities dedicated to telling the story of the Mississippi River. It also happens to contain the University of Minnesota campus, where I went to school. With this in mind, I thought I knew my park pretty well, having lived in or near it for the last four years. Much like Jon Snow, though, I know nothing. In the short time I’ve been working here, some pretty amazing and unexpected things have happened. In just one day, I went canoeing on the river for the first time, saw three bald eagles and a great blue heron, and got to do habitat restoration at a place nicknamed “Party Island.”  This park has an incredible amount of natural beauty, and there is so much more for me to discover. I have lived and learned in the urban park, but I’m beginning to see a whole new side of the park and can’t wait to spend the next year exploring! Here’s to this year of adventures!

Rounding up the Voyageur canoes after doing some service work on Island 112 (aka Party Island).

Minneapolis at dusk from the Stone Arch Bridge, one of the park's major places of interest.
Minneapolis at dusk from the Stone Arch Bridge, one of the park’s major places of interest.