My idea of how to celebrate the 4th of July has CVA_7changed throughout the years. Where I grew up it meant a small town parade followed by an afternoon picnic with my extended family, playing bingo, a watermelon seed spitting contest, and laying in the cornfield watching the fireworks explode over the lake.

This year I celebrated 4th of July a little differently, as I rode in the Independence Day Parade here in our Nation’s capital, helped out all day with the recycling program, encouraging people to keep the park clean, and CVA_5ended the day watching a huge display of fireworks explode over the National Mall. I had a great day with friends and coworkers that, although different, was a great way to celebrate the day. It is sure a site to see the Nation’s CVA_6capital on the 4th of July! I think I may be seeing red, white, and blue in my sleep 🙂

It was moving to see so many people enjoying their national parks and gathering in “America’s frontyard” for a truly monumental experience. Happy 239th Birthday America!