-Jacob Breslin, Rock Creek Park

I’ve lived in a rural/suburban area my entire life. Having grown up in a town without a post office and going to a college surrounded by dairy farms, city parks were somewhat foreign to me. Of course, I have been to Central Park, and the idea of a park in an urban environment is straight forward enough. However, once I moved out of suburbia, I began to understand why city parks are so crucial and beneficial to society. I’ve been living in our Nation’s Capital for just over a month now, but it only takes a few days to feel trapped in an urban jungle with nothing around you but man-made structures. It definitely can start to feel overwhelming at times.


However, don’t get me wrong, I do thrive in a city setting, but it’s human to want to escape every now and then. Which is why my placement as a Centennial Volunteer Ambassador stationed mainly at Rock Creek National Park in Northwest D.C. was such a pleasant surprise.

ROCR MapI now have the privilege of providing the public with amenities I’ve taken for granted my entire life, and there’s nothing quite like it. Instilling an appreciation of nature in those living in cities is seriously important for the future prosperity of our country as a whole. It’s really the key to creating a sustainable world, and that’s why I see urban parks, such as Rock Creek, as vital resources for good.