Today the city of Albuquerque and several other agencies help launch Albuquerque as one of the 50 cities that will be receiving grants from various companies, and federal agencies in order to promote youth involvement in the great outdoors. To kick off the year, we all decided that a service project would be a wonderful idea. A number of youth corps showed up to help clear the Bosque of dead and down, invasive plant species, and trash. The mayor of Albuquerque, an Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Janice Schneider, and a representative of Senator Udall’s office all gave opening addresses.

The YMCA, the City of Albuquerque, and the Rocky Mountain Youth Corp were all integral to getting this event and this year off to a good start. I think that this campaign is an amazing example of how inter-agency planning can be very cohesive.

I was able to meet and speak with Secretary Schneider and get some pictures with her. I was also in charge of getting pictures of Petroglyph’s YDI group doing volunteer work in the Bosque.
100_1126 100_1129By doing this event I have already started a good relationship with the YMCA in Albuquerque. I am currently organizing pollination/environment talks with children of all ages in the YMCA. Then there is a Youth Summit that will take place on August 13th here in Albuquerque. Hopefully the Youth Summit will lead to more and more cooperation between the agencies in and around Albuquerque since so many people will be involved with that too.