by Allison Joyce, Rosie the Riveter / WWII Home Front NHP

Big news, y’all. I finally got a project! It all started Monday, when our Acting Superintendent Sue (our Sue-perintendent) approached me and asked for help with the Rosie Rally. I know what you’re thinking. What on God’s Green Earth is a Rosie Rally? Well, hang on to your hats. We’re attempting to gather 1,000 women dressed up like Rosie the Riveter in one place about 5 weeks from today in order to break a Guinness World Record. Sounds totally overwhelming, right? But wait, it gets better. Because this is to break a sacred GUINNESS WORLD RECORD, the rules are fairly stringent. The uniform is as follows:

  1. Red bandanna with large white polka-dots (hair should be pinned up, not down or in a ponytail).
  2. Dark blue long-sleeve coveralls, OR long-sleeve dark blue collared shirt and dark blue pants
  3. Red knee socks
  4. Black or brown boots or work shoes


  • no faded denim jeans
  • no denim shirts
  • no bib overalls
  • no t-shirts
  • no sweats

So, even if by some miracle we get 1,000 Rosies to the park in Richmond, any one infraction can keep them from counting towards the record-breaking.

“Ooh, you wore a regular red and white bandana, not one with polka-dots? DISQUALIFIED”

“Oh, what’s that? Red socks that don’t span the gap between your work boots and rolled up coverall pant legs? DISQUALIFIED”

At the event itself, I will undoubtedly be working with volunteers to make sure all participants are dressed correctly and registered. Note to self: look into finding a bullhorn.

Technically it has to be 777 Rosies in order to break the fabulous record set by our friendly rivals in Ypsilanti, MI. Ypsilanti is where I’m going to retire to write my novels: Domino’s Pizza was founded there! And by write novels I mean dissolve into a puddle of pizza and cats and ink stains.

All jokes aside, I’m really excited to be a part of this event. It feels like, “Yes! This is what I’m here for!” And already there’s a fire inside me. I LOVE projects. It reminds me of playing soccer back in the formative years and standing on the sidelines saying, “put me in coach!” Only in reality, I’m much better at sending emails than I ever was at corner-kicks.

Yesterday I went with my “We Can Do It” Team to scope out the site and look at parking options. Parking will be our biggest (foreseeable) issue because we are asking something like 2,000 people to come to a park with an area of about half a square mile that’s bordered by the ocean (or as I now think of it, somewhere no one can park). It was really beneficial for me to listen to Elizabeth and Kieron (my teammates) back-and-forth about the many different aspects involved in hosting an event of this scale. There are tons of jobs for volunteers! And guess what, I get to coordinate those volunteers! How cool is that?

I’m so eager for this event to be a success. I’ve been working with the individual in Pittsburg, PA, of all places, who was the visionary for this event and I must say I’ve adopted it as my own cause. Imagine the atmosphere at the Rosie Rally. This will be a gathering of strength with a theme that will remind everyone there what we are all capable of. Record or no record, the day will be memorable.

It will also be an excellent opportunity for people to #FindTheirPark by raising awareness of our own National Park right in Richmond! Of course we have to thank our partner, The Rosie the Riveter Trust, without which this event wouldn’t even be a twinkle in our matriarch’s eye.

This event will fall on the 70th Anniversary of VJ Day and what better way to celebrate the end of the war by uniting for a common cause to raise awareness of the history we live among every day?

If anyone is reading this blog … and is in the Bay Area … please PLEASE come to our event in your best Rosie outfit. And even better, contact me about volunteering! Rosie_RallyAs with any challenge … we must remember the immortal wisdom of Coach Taylor. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Allison Joyce