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Independence National Historical Park, is one of the places in the United States where we celebrate the 4th of July all year long. That may seem a little excessive to some, but here it just makes sense.

Independence NHP protects and maintains the lands and historical structures where the 4th of July originated. So to explain….

Here is Independence Hall on the 4th of July.

inde hall 4thIts in this building that the founding fathers of America secretly signed the Declaration of Independence. This document, wrote by Thomas Jefferson, made a statement to the world and in course changed history via revolution (the American Revolution to be exact…).

Today the 4th is celebrated in Philly by visits to Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia’s own 4th of July parade, and a multitude of events taking place on Independence Mall.

4th reinacters

4th parade and mall

After the July 4, 1776 the signing of the Declaration was announced via newspapers on the 5th and 6th. It wasn’t until July 8th that the Declaration of Independence was announced and read to the public.

It is this event that the National Park Service here at Independence reenacts for the public as a part of our living history program. I was lucky enough to be able to dress up and participate as a towns-person and got to hand out free Declarations to large crowd. (If you look closely to the first picture you will see Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin reading along back to the side of Independence Hall.)doi readingme in colonialAs you can see in this picture Thomas Jefferson is quite the ladies man. I was just lucky enough to get a picture with him though as you can probably guess he was quite popular.

Overall, the festivities at Independence never truly end, but for now the massive crowds have subsided and the park is back to its original summer time hectic schedules. Not to worry though we love every minute of it because we get to share America’s beginnings to people around the world.

I hope every one had a great 4th of July weekend!

-Kris Allen