Kelly McCann – Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Not much time for getting out in the field this week because we have been getting ready for a big event on Saturday. Paddle the Gorge is a new event this year that invites people from the Twin Cities to paddle the Mississippi in boats donated for the day by REI and Wilderness Inquiry.

The Gorge, photo credit to Wilderness Inquiry

I will be the social media photographer… shout out to Kevin Bacher for his lesson in effective photography at training. I have also designed an ‘upcoming volunteer events’ handout for paddlers to take home and use when they inevitably fall in love with the river and want to come back. Pictured below (full disclosure…an artist created that front graphic. I did design the super informative text that’ll go on the back though!).

Artist made graphic, edit by Kelly
Yeah, I wish I could say I made this…

It’ll be an exciting day! With 150 people paddling through an urban area on brightly colored REI kayaks, we are bound to get some good press. PLUS I’m determined to get some retweets and shares from some important pages (I’m coming for ya, NPS and REI. Prepare to be bombarded).

Pictures of the event to come next week!