Kelly McCann – Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, Saint Paul, MN

Paddle the Gorge was a success!! It was the first annual Paddle the Gorge, but we had tons of staff and volunteers to help it go smoothly. Below is a picture of some of the people that worked or volunteered that day. As a partner park, it’s normal to have 5 different agencies represented in our park staff picture. As the incredible social media photographer for the day, OF COURSE I brought a selfie stick. The picture was the most successful post of the day!

Park Staff Selfie, reaching over 500 people!
Park Staff Selfie, reaching over 500 people!

We didn’t get the epic retweets that I wanted because the event ended up being smaller than expected. I’m saving my battering of important social media pages for huge, can’t-ignore events at the park. I mean… you can’t ignore beauty like this in the middle of an urban area.

Sunset from the Mississippi River

Sunset on the Mississippi River

Next week, all about the YMCA partnership at MNRRA.