*On Saturday the 25th Cuyahoga Valley National Park had another great Drop In Event!
*There were 11 people for the Drop In!
*We worked along side the beautiful Cuyahoga River!
-This river caught fire many times before, but volunteers help to maintain the beauty along the Tow Path to prevent further damage.
*My time at Cuyahoga Valley has been eventful and challenging, but each day brings a new adventure!
*We are a small team of 4 park rangers and 1 SCA volunteer, but we make great things happen!
*This year we have already reached the 1,000 volunteer bench mark, and we will continue to bring more volunteers to the park!
*Drop In events give the general public a chance to come to the park and volunteer for a few hours!
*Get up, get out, and #FINDYOURPARK
Nicole Shellenbarger
SCA Centennial Volunteer Ambassador
Cuyahoga Valley National Park 
1571 Boston Mills Road, Peninsula 44264
Office: (330)657-2042