I’m Rebecca and I am a Centennial Volunteer Ambassador working with Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, NM. For the past month and a half (I can’t believe that it has already been that long!) I have been working closely with the YMCA of Albuquerque on various projects. I have been handing out pollinator seed packets and talking with young kids about the importance of pollination in our ecosystems. More recently I have working on the ABQ Community Youth Summit which will be taking place on August 13th. We are in the final planning stages and have decided to do an International Cafe style meeting/brainstorming session with table subjects being Play, Learn, Serve, and Work.

We have also decided that using the interns already present in each agency in Albuquerque to sit on a panel and kick off the event would be a good idea. I was asked to participate in the panel discussion. So I have accepted that positions and now I have no idea what we are going to be talking about and I have never participated as a panelist in anything, so this could get interesting. I am the only intern available to represent the NPS from Petroglyph National Monument, even though I get pretty shy when speaking in front of large groups of people I am going to do the best job that I can.

I was planning on promoting the NPS Centennial and the Find Your Park campaign. I was also planning on continuing to work with this group of people afterwords when we plan to implement the ideas that were created during this summit. I think that working with this group is great because of how integrated we all are despite being from different agencies (YMCA, BLM, FS, Fish and Wildlife, NPS, and the various preserves around Albuquerque have all been participating in the planning process).

It seems like this is going to be quite a success as it has been in some of the other 26 Cities that have already held their Youth Summit. Hopefully I don’t completely botch the panel discussion.