Photo credit: David Byers, LNHP
Photo credit: David Byers, LNHP

After countless twelve hour work days, hundreds of emails, and the color coding of more Excel spreadsheets than I care to think about all, I was able to see the fruits of my labor with the success of the 29th annual Lowell Folk Festival.

The Festival brings together artists from around the world for three days of music, ethnic food booths, and artist demonstrations. Admissions are free for the 100,000 visitors who are estimated to attend, and nearly 1800 volunteers lend a hand doing everything from frying up the pineapple rice to picking up musicians from the airport.

While all volunteers played a vital role in making the festival a success, I would like to extend a special “thank you” to the SCA interns who came from throughout the Boston area to help out.

Kristina and Britney

Kristina Bergquist, Centennial Volunteer Ambassador from Boston Harbor Islands, as well as Kathleen O’Leary (not pictured), Interpretation Intern from John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site were essential to getting volunteers checked in with their paperwork (301A forms) in order.  I would also like to thank Brittaney Kriner, ProRanger from Boston National Historical Park for coming up with Kristina.

unnamedIMG_6278Daniel Hernandez and Daniel McDermott, both of whom are Curitorial Interns here at Lowell National Historical Park, were keen on assisting the artists in our folk crafts area, as well as in the “Command Center”



Song Gao and Kierra Johnson, both Student Career Intake Program (SCIP) interns came in from Boston to escort a Chinese folk trio and direct visitors throughout the festival, respectively.

My main goal in reaching out to the SCA community was to break the ice and build potential partnerships between those of us working in some of Massachusetts’ fifteen National Parks. I would like to thank the aforementioned SCAs once more, as well as send my appreciation to site supervisors and parks for  lending us their wonderful interns.