Kelly McCann – Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Last week, I had the pleasure of going on a canoe trip with the education department here at MISS. I used it as an opportunity to accomplish some of the 99 ways to #FindYourPark suggestions given by the National Park Foundation.

We reached our launch site before 8 AM – Rangers are always prepared because we (#67) planned ahead and prepared. We (#8) Experienced Silence. All we could hear was hundreds of swifts quietly swooping around for some breakfast.

We (#21) Paddled a Water Trail. The Mississippi River through our National River and Recreation Area is also a National Water Trail (thankfully we don’t have to add that to our official name because it is already a mouthful…).

Ranger Paula and Ranger Michael
Ranger Michael and Ranger Paula

We (#34) took a picnic and dined al fresco at Kelley Farm, a national historic site. It’s not quite (#4) visit a national heritage site or (#9) walk through the doorway of a historic site, but I felt like it should count! I did however drive through Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Site in Iowa over the weekend, so ha! Afterwards, we (#87) trashed our trashed and packed it all out with us.

We stopped at an island owned by the park and (#40) felt the sand between our toes.  Again, #87, trashing (y)our trash from a bonfire people had forgot to clean up.

I know you're jealous of the chaco tan.
I know you’re jealous of the chaco tan.

We hit the river again (#63) raft down the river. Ranger Whitney spotted an eagle! (#93) watch for wildlife and (#11) #Rangerspointingatthings!

Bald Eagle overhead
Bald Eagle overhead
Can you spot the bald eagle?
Can you spot the bald eagle?

All in all, #13 make a memory, #23 try something new, #46 get in the know about H2O, #53 get a park Rx, #61 discover history around you, and #97 play, all accomplished! Oh and hey, #41 share your story done too.

There you have it: 19 ways to #FindYourPark while on the Ed Team Paddle at Mississippi National River and Recreation Area in the 99th year of the National Park Service.