A father and hist daughter learning from local Boy Scouts
A father and hist daughter learning from local Boy Scouts

The last week in August marked my first major event as a CVA at the River Raisin National Battlefield Park. I had helped recruit many volunteers for a variety of needs and made sure they were taken care of during the event.

The picture shows a father and daughter progressing through one of stations along the trail connecting the pavilion area to the battlefield. What she is doing is a scavenger hunt that will teach her about the battle and different aspects of the War of 1812.

Each station could sign the scavenger hunt (you needed 8/12) and half had answers to the questions (you needed to answer all correctly). When you were done with the hunt, you were to return to the scavenger hunt station and have the volunteer check your answers. And as long as you had the correct information, you were then awarded with a Junior Ranger Badge.

The event was an all day shindig, with food and games. Later in the evening, raffle prizes were announced and Jack and the Bear opened up for the Navy Band (playing classic rock).

Overall, it was a successful event with an estimated 1000 attendants (and only a little bit of rain).  Volunteers gave rave reviews of how well it went.