Pollination pollination2

My park is a part of this large movement across the nation for the rehabilitation of pollinators. We won’t have food if we don’t have them! We are building partnerships with organizations and businesses all along the Riverway. Each week, the numbers keep growing which is fantastic. Last Sunday, one of our partners, the Pollinator Friendly Alliance (PFA), hosted a major fundraiser called Polli-Nation. Over 800 participants came!!! I wasn’t able to jump on board soon enough to setup a table for the St Croix National Scenic Riverway. However, I  came anyway to help support their efforts and strengthen the bond between NPS and PFA. I volunteered over a day’s worth of work helping to set up the stage and manage the chaotic parking situation. My Park’s superintendent came to the event on his day off and was surprised to see me there lending a helping hand.  I may not be in a position to donate money, but I can donate my time which is far more valuable. You can always replace money you lose or give away, but you can never replace time. As many of our youth say, “YOLO”! (you only live once).