This summer has been a whirlwind of fun.  I’ve been involved in a great deal of meetings, community outreach, and the beginning of a new era of volunteerism at the St Croix National Scenic Riverway.  One of the Park’s biggest highlights this summer is the Pollinator Pledge. What is the Pollinator Pledge you may ask? The pledge was developed through a partnership between the NPS, USFWS and USFS. It is a stated commitment to take a tangible action to promote pollinator health and habitat in the Saint Croix region of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

There is a severe decline in pollinators which is represented by the severe decline in Monarchs. We are a part of a major migration route for Monarchs and recognize that our efforts will result in minimal impact without the support of our neighboring communities.  Therefore, we present an opportunity to get others involved too. We are hoping to inspire actions across public and private lands resulting in increased habitat for pollinators across WI and MN land.

My role has not been an easy feat. When I attend community events to advertise Park volunteer opportunities and the Pledge, I receive a great deal of questioning from the public. It’s great that I am being bombarded by so many questions because inquisitive individuals indicate interest. Therefore, it is critical that I keep up-to-date on my knowledge concerning the Pledge and our growing network of participants.

Recently, the pollinator pledge initiative had a major kickoff event in Bayport, MN to celebrate the joined effort of over 70 organizations. In addition, an announcement was made that volunteers have pledged 13,000 hours thus far to the rehabilitation of pollinator habitat. As the numbers keep growing, so too does our hope in the union of communities across WI and MN for the greater good. Please check out these links for more information about our efforts…

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