by Sally Goldman, Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

I am proud to announce that as of September 19th, Little Rock Central High School is no longer home to a squash farm!

Initially our superintendent didn’t want to do anything for National Public Lands Day because it is the day after the anniversary of Central’s integration, but when we got the opportunity to help the class of 1955 plant daffodils for their reunion and learned that events for National Public Lands Day did not have to take place on National Public Lands Day, we decided to register our event, which made the local paper!

We had about 45 volunteers, mostly from Central’s ROTC class, weed flower beds and rake leaves. The kids did a great job and the campus looks amazing. We made it through the work day without any accidents, injuries, or serious problems difficulties. It was a very hard and long day, and afterward I went home and slept until the next morning. I learned so much last Saturday and am excited for future projects, because the ROTC teacher and I are now working on a partnership to make cleanup days a regular occurrence!

Below are some pictures, courtesy of a nine-year-old volunteer.

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All clear, and ready for some new plants!