Today I started the first non-administrative step towards my AmeriCorps Service Project. My project will be a Healthy Parks, Healthy People Program challenging people to walk/run around the battlefield.

The trail that we have around the battlefield has been my calm oasis during busy days, it takes me about 15-20 minutes to walk around it and by then I have refocused and feel re-energized for the day.

Sadly, the trail has been put on the back burner as far as maintenance and upkeep.

My service project started off using a state park’s trail near by that crossed RIRA’s front yard, but I soon turned my attention back to the battlefield and realized that downsizing my program wouldn’t diminish quality or impact. As long as people were becoming aware of the National Park in their area and using it to better the health/well-being.

So once I decided I was going to use the trail at RIRA I also decided that I would need to step up and make sure the trial was ready for my project. I was to head my own trail maintenance-ing. I put on the parks ghost busters-esk looking backpack with weed killing juice and sprayed the trail.

The next step is to mulch the trail. We are thinking of having either college students or volunteers from the county’s JAWS (jail alternative work service) program. 12087877_10153328186728558_7570496187739165008_o