Mirit Friedman, Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area & Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

With social media being a huge focus for our Centennial Volunteer Ambassador position, it’s hard to extract the greater meaning from each individual post. While there is strategy associated with the words, the hashtags and the images you choose, each post becomes a building block for developing a community of support for our parks.

At the beginning of my term as a CVA, my mentor mentioned to me that while parks may be emphasizing the educational opportunity apparent in every Facebook post, the educational component is without meaning, if the followers don’t feel connected to the physical space first. While many social media followers have probably visited the park at least once, the chance that they can imagine the beauty of the place since their last visit may be slim. Our social media outlets provide an incredible opportunity to act as a visual reminder for all the amazing things that can be seen inside of our parks and can help both park staff and visitors reconnect with their experiences from the past. Through our images we can develop of community of support and love for the resource and help foster followers desires to return.

Below are some panoramas of the two parks that I work in that have helped people connect back to the beauty.

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