Due to the slow activity of volunteer programming in the winter time, I have been focusing my energy toward volunteer advertisement and summer 2016 planning. I have been contacting park interns and volunteers for the past couple months with the intention of making their stories known to the public. With the stories I have been collecting, I can pull out quotes to be used in various advertising forms.

One major outlet for my Park to connect with the public is Facebook. I established the Volunteer Corner a month ago and the views, likes, and comments have been increasing ever since. The Volunteer Corner is focused on advertising volunteer opportunities, upcoming activities, quotes, etc, every Monday morning. Sometimes we will have posts preplanned a couple weeks in advanced, sometimes it’s randomly decided at the last minute and sometimes we post from the themed threads I’m creating. Facebook followers have taken a particular liking to the “shout-out” posts we make to volunteers working with us this winter. Who doesn’t like seeing people get recognized for the amazing, selfless, hard work they do?

The main purpose of the themed threads is to always have material available for whenever we have a week that lacks excitement. For example, I established “Define Volunteer…” quotes which could last for years (beyond my term at the park). I have several other themed threads in the making as I sort through all the stories I’ve collected so far.

Check out the Volunteer Corner every Monday morning at 10 am on the SACN Facebook page!