12625949_10153540140103558_1374480611_nThis last weekend was the 203 anniversary of the War of 1812 and the battles that happened at the River Raisin National Battlefield Park.

There was a whole day of activities starting with tactile demonstration and ceremonies. Several volunteers participated on the battlefield and many more were there watching.

The ceremonies took place at the battlefield visitors center with the Superintendent Scott Bentley and Chief of Interpretation & Education Dan Downing speaking. Chief Ted Roll also spoke.

Three wreaths were presented and placed in memory of the fallen soldiers.

Thankfully, the park provided refreshments between activities like mini donuts and hot chocolate.

After the ceremonies, two prominent volunteers presented findings from their research work. The two men looked at historical maps and the surrounding area making connections to buildings and blocks that are still around today.

My favorite piece of information was about a stockade (no longer there) that had been place along the River Raisin but inconveniently in the middle of a busy intersection. A veterinary clinic is there now in its place.

Later in the day the Monroe County Historical Museum lead a talk about a historical reconstruction on Mackinac Island.