While there isn’t a lot going on at the park during the colder winter months, we are still here promoting and preserving all it stands for.

One of the things I like to do to make sure we are keeping our seasonal volunteers in the loop is our volunteer e-newsletter: VIP’s Matter.

We use a program called vertical response, a software for sending email marketing.

Every month I make and create our e-newsletter, sending it to our volunteers.

Volunteers will find that they are thanked for any volunteering done in the last month, read about a volunteer “spotlight”, any upcoming programs and events, and I have a “corner” where I share what I’ve been up to and wish everyone a good holiday (of some sort).

In December, our e-newsletter listed all the top volunteers and their awards received.

Our last e-newsletter, February, toted about our participation in the World Wetlands Day at a local high school, and our upcoming President’s Day exhibit.

As for our next e-newsletter, March, we are promoting our last finger-weaving workshop, a Women’s Tea, and a “Fur’s” training.

I think an e-newsletter is a great way to keep volunteers informed while they are away. And I know I enjoy creating the e-newsletters for our volunteers!VerticalResponse_hi-res_05.17.2012