The past few months have felt like an early spring, but the majority of people at CVNP knew the “nice” weather would not last long.  Last week we had our first decent snow fall! These pictures below represent one of my favorite places at CVNP known as Virginia Kendall.  It has been a long wait to finally see a beautiful snow fall.

Photos taken by: Daniel Krieger

One of our Interpretive Rangers needed assistance doing a run through of her cross country skiing lesson that took place last Saturday.  I have never skied, so I thought it would be a good chance to try something new.  The lesson lasted about two hours and covered everything from the very basics to learning how to control oneself going up and down hills. There are so many different activities that can be done at CVNP, especially when there is snow!  I have been finding my park at Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

Nicole Shellenbarger
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