Sally Goldman, Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site


An ongoing volunteer program we had this past year was a reading program with a local after school center. Our past volunteer coordinator came up with the idea and applied for a grant to fund books and a field trip for the kids at the end of the year.

Students at Central High would go over twice a month after school and read the elementary school kids books about the Civil Rights Movement. Eventually all the students read The Lions of Little Rock by Kirsten Levine. Each student got their own copy to take home.

Image from the author’s website,

Lions takes place in Little Rock during the Lost Year, and Marlee and her new friend Liz meet at the Little Rock Zoo often. Hearing the lions roar at night also comforts Marlee. The book is a great way to teach kids about the Lost Year.

Yesterday we visited the Little Rock Zoo and saw the big cats: cheetahs, jaguars, lions–just like in the book–and tigers, Central High’s mascot.


Can you spot the tiger? 

I do regret not extending my internship for another year because I’d love to continue working with the program next year and making improvements. I have learned a lot just from attempting to manage this program and am definitely glad that we did it! The kids from Central and the elementary school were both great to work with!