Hi folks!  I’d like to give some recognition for all the hard work that the Northwest Youth Corps (NYC) has being doing at Fort Vancouver during the past month.  To all of you who aren’t familiar with the NYC, they are a conservation group created in 1984 that offers teenagers an education-based, work experience modeled after the historic Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930’s.
For the past month, NYC has been helping us with a variety of projects.

The first project I witnessed the NYC youth was harvesting the cider apples in our orchard. Under the supervision of their crew leader, they climbed up onto tall ladders and picked an entire trailer’s worth!

Next the NYC worked on rebuilding much of our fenceline.  They, along with our maintainence, division have been removing old fence post and replacing it with new fnce post. So far they must have rebuilt nearly 1,000 feet!

They also helped us rebuild our compost bin adjacent to our historic garden.  Together, with maintenance, we built a completely new one, that should last us for many years to come.

The NYC youth also held me with a project of splitting wood for our signature event of the year, campfires and candlelights.  My hardy crew helped me roll and position giant 100-200 lb tree slices underneath our mechanical splitter, before I operated it.

Finally, they helped us clean out and organize the 405 building, a large warehouse storage unit where keep items essential to our park operations. Three hours later, we reorganized our canvas tents, filled a trailer full of obsolete material and items, and cleaned up the place.

So it was with a heavy heart that I said goodbye to them. Today was their last day for the year and we hope to see them again!  The NYC is a wonderful organization and a great partner of Fort Vancouver, helping us accomplish amazing things! Thank you guys for all your hard work!