Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is a metropolitan park in the sense that it is a park that is interspersed among an active city setting, weaving in and out of industry and private home owners, but it is also just southeast of Chicago. This makes it a prime location for city-goers to get out and enjoy all that the country has to offer in autumn.

On September 17th & 18th, Indiana Dunes welcomed more than 2,000 visitors to Chellberg Farm, a historic farmhouse from one of the first settlers in the area. To help celebrate the coming of autumn and all the wonderful things the season has to offer, the Park planted 16 apple trees, with the help of volunteers, to represent the historic Chellberg family orchard. There was also apple cider and apple butter making and testing, an apple vinegar “How To” with a tasting for those brave enough to try, live music and apple chucking!


invasiveThe weekend following, there were two big events as well – National Public Lands Day, and the Dunes Blowout. National Public Lands Day for Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore consisted of a group of 60 students and many local volunteers who cut and pulled invasives on Cowles Bog trail. The volunteers worked hard for hours to clear an overgrown section of trail, and did amazing work.


Immediately following National Public Lands Day was the Dunes Blowout – a two-day festival of art and ecology, where performance groups varying from giant puppets to poetry to the ballet came out to the lake and used their talents to illustrate the majesty and beauty of the dunes.