National Public Lands Day wasn’t as much about a day of service here at Devils Tower. Fortunately we have an awesome staff of maintenance and resource management Rangers who keep this park looking it’s best. Unfortunately, they do such a good job, there isn’t much left for volunteers to do!

Since we knew we would not have enough work to keep volunteers busy for long, we decided to have another birthday party! But this time, it would be for Devils Tower itself. The 110th anniversary of the proclamation of DETO happened to be September 24th, 2016, same day as National Public Lands Day.

To celebrate both at once, we planned to use our brand new climbing demonstration wall climbing-ranger-badgeto offer Junior Climbing Ranger programs, where Junior Rangers could earn a special Climbing Badge! We also collaborated with the Wildlife Technicians to offer a special presentation on Bats at the Tower and a Bat Listening Walk in the evening. The programs seemed to go over well and visitors enjoyed listening to the bats as they emerged from roosts on the Tower. Of course, our younger visitors loved having the chance to earn their own Junior Climbing Ranger Badge too!

My favorite part of the celebration probably took the least amount of planning surprisingly enough. Since it was a special day, Ranger Erin suggested we make a birthday card for Devils Tower and ask all of our visitors to sign it. It turned out great and visitors loved writing a small note or drawing a sketch!


Despite the very cold weather and near constant rain, we had a high turnout and a very successful NPLD and 110th birthday for the park! Also I heard rumors of Morgan Freeman visiting the park to film an interview. I never did see him, but one of the other rangers swears he actually was in the park.

That’s all for now! Til next time!