On July 23, 2016, I had my first Dorito. Yes, this may seem pointless, but it gave me some insight into my life. I had gone 19 years without taking a bite of a Dorito. I saw everyone eating them, the dishes set out at parties filled with to the brim, the Super Bowl commercials claiming how great they are, but I had no interest. I finally gave into peer pressure and took a bite and – I did not care for it. It’s not my favorite thing in the world, but if I was stuck on a deserted island and had the choice to starve or eat Doritos – I would eat the Doritos, but only after seriously contemplating starving.


But this little orange triangle taught me something – just because everyone likes something doesn’t mean it’s good or that you have to. You have to be independent, make choices for yourself, and stand for your beliefs. 

Now this lesson has been extremely relevant during my internship. As one of the youngest members of my team or the youngest one in meetings, its easy to feel intimidated. I noticed that I would never challenge ideas brought up in meetings or that I would simply go with the flow. Realizing that I needed to change this, I thought of what I could do to improve myself-and I looked back on the Dorito. I had to stand my ground, make choices for myself, and be independent.


Learning this has made my internship a whole lot easier- I am taking lead on projects, assisting with major events, and attending meetings with ideas to present and challenge. I would like to think that a tiny little orange triangle inspired me to better myself.