Since August, the sailors at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base have been volunteering twice a month at Cumberland Island. They have done many projects and have been a huge help to the island, so I’ve decided to write a post to brag about them.

Their first project was helping move about 50 lily plants from our burn pile to a safe place, building two compost bins out of pallets, moving the Sea Camp beach marker, and helping to do some trail maintenance on the River Trail. A lot of work for one day! The weather was in the high 80’s and low 90’s, but the sailors persevered and got all the work done!

Other projects that have been done have been: painting the Sea Camp and Ice House bathrooms, trail maintenance on the Stafford beach crossing, and clearing out the Education center for a floor remodel. Future projects may include: building picnic tables, more trail maintenance, historic cemetery clean ups, campsite cleanups, painting of the dorms and bathrooms, and much more!

Our maintenance staff consists of 8 workers who have to manage the entire 18 mile long island as well as the mainland. Volunteer groups like the sailors at Kings Bay help the staff at Cumberland Island NS complete many necessary projects that wouldn’t be possible without them.

Groups interested in volunteering in your local national park should not hesitate to contact your local national park’s volunteer manager. Groups can help complete months or years of work in a short amount of time! Find your local national park at