As I’m sure many of us do, I have quite a few collateral duties as the CVA at Devils Tower. One of these led me to meet Ranger Owen, a friend of a 9 year old 4th grader learning about National Parks. This young man wanted to learn about Devils Tower, but lives all the way in Maine so sent Ranger Owen in his stead.


Meet Ranger Owen. He may not be in proper NPS uniform colors, but he still was able to have an adventure in a National Park.

The 4th grade student who sent him asked to see photos of the adventures and to learn more because they are currently learning about National Parks and once they have heard back from the park they chose, they will learn how to give a good oral report.

Responding to requests like this is one of my favorite collateral duties. I enjoy it because it so great to see a child actively trying to learn more (even if it is because of a school project!) especially when it is about a small park like Devils Tower. It also warms my heart to see how inquisitive and respectful a child is in their letter to us. I hope you all get to have experiences where you can see what good can come from learning about our National parks in school.