Greetings from the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve in Jacksonville, FL

In an effort to keep TIMU staff abreast of the work that our team, SkunkWorks, does for the Urban Agenda initiative in Jacksonville, we started a themed Monthly Newsletter to share with all Park staff as a way to interchange ideas, receive feedback and foster a greater sense of communication in the Park. The SkunkWorks Newsletter focuses on the following two topics:

  • One, to introduce TIMU staff to the projects we are currently working on, including outreach events and volunteer engagement opportunities
  • And two, to share the different experiences we have had in our internships so far

The August Newsletter was the first Newsletter to be shared with TIMU staff and aside from focusing on our upcoming projects, our team chose the theme of First Impressions to illustrate the manner in which we regarded the Preserve the first time we arrived.  Ultimately, the Newsletter has given us an outlet of share our thoughts and to take ownership and pride in the work that we do for our site.

The following is our August Newsletter… Please be on the lookout for more from SkunkWorks!