Much of the South East coast was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. Cumberland Island was included in Matthew’s path of destruction.

On the mainland, in the city of St Marys, the museum, maintenance shed, and bottom level of the visitor center flooded. Several offices had to be vacated and the museum completely emptied out. Assessments are still being done to see how much damage was done. Luckily, the water did not reach any of the artifacts or exhibits and most were left unharmed.

Maintenance workers ripping out the carpet in the offices in the Museum.
Everyone is involved in the clean-up effort. Our head of interpretation helps clean office furniture damaged by flooding.

On the island, the docks received substantial damage. The docks are still being assessed and the staff are trying to get them up and running as soon as possible. Trails and roads are being assessed; with many trees down trail crews from all around the south east are working around the clock trying to clear them. The docks are in a hazardous state. If you are boating in the area, do not approach them.

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These soldiers from the National Guard are with Delta Co. 2-121st out of Valdosta. They are working to clear downed trees and debris from the NPS parking lot.parkinglotdamage

Everyone has been doing their best to try to open the island as soon as possible. While assessments and work is still being done, the superintendent, Gary Ingram, anticipates the island could be open for limited daily use by the end of the month. “We look forward to sharing this extraordinary place with the public again. We are focusing recovery efforts on the south end to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit by the end of the month.”