By: Cristina Ramirez, Centennial Volunteer Ambassador at Valley Forge National Historical Park


Volunteers Calvin, Arlene, and Mindy lead the spy station at Home School Day.

Valley Forge does some pretty cool events that engage the community, and one of them is Home School Day. Home School Day is an event held here in the park that students who are home schooled can register to attend. They get to have hands-on activities to learn about the different aspects of the park.

For many years there has been a Home School Day held at the park, first coordinated by our friends group (the Valley Forge Park Alliance) and then by the park itself. They are so popular that the event is held twice a year and always has a wait list. This year was no different – even with a change in format, there was still an overwhelming response and lots of interest  from the home school community.

From the perspective of a Centennial Volunteer Ambassador, Home School Day is especially interested because it is so dependent on our volunteers. Since the park still needs to operate as normal, we cannot pull everyone to work on this one event for the entire day. This means we need to recruit volunteers to check people in, guide groups to their activity locations, and even lead curriculum sessions and activity stations.

This year volunteers led or assisted with leading the Adopt-a-Tree, Washington and his Horse, and Weather curriculum stations. Several activity stations were also led by volunteers, including bird watching, aristocracy, spies of the revolution, and the things they carried.

One of the reasons we value volunteers so highly here at Valley Forge is because they help us make these great community events happen.



A volunteer explains what a soldier would have carried with him.


A group of our fantastic long-term volunteers!