Melissa A. Clark, Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MISS)

It’s hard to believe the busy season is coming to a close. In part because education programs are still in full swing, and in part because it doesn’t seem possible that we’ve accomplished so much in the past few months!

I wanted to take a moment to share our largest volunteer event of the year – even bigger than our National Public Lands Day and Minnesota State Fair volunteer events.



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Periscope, an impact agency headquartered in Minneapolis, contacted our Volunteer In Parks (VIP) program seeking a volunteering opportunity for about half of their 500 employees. Usually corporate groups average about 30 people! The park staff and the staff at Mississippi Park Connection rose to the challenge and organized a multi-site habitat restoration event for Periscope.

When Periscope Day finally arrived, the 300 volunteers worked across four different park sites: Coldwater Spring, East River Flats Park, Mill Ruins Park, and Minnehaha Falls Regional Park.


Outcomes from Periscope Day

  • 300+ new people engaged with the park
  • 100+ bags of invasive species removed
  • 200 seed bombs thrown
  • 5 lbs of Canada wild rye seed scattered
  • 4,000 native plants installed
  • 1 new corporate connection for our VIP program

Volunteering doesn’t need to be an individual undertaking, what groups can you make connections with to bring new people to your park?