In just the past two weeks we have had two different annual events at First State National Historical Park! On October 22nd we held our bi-annual Stream Stewards River Clean up where volunteers worked together at two different locations in Beaver Valley to collect as much litter that they could find. Some of the most unique, and slightly gross things that were found include: dirty diapers, a grill, old tin can tops and much much more! The volunteers all had a blast despite the cold, and rainy weather. During the event we also held a Facebook Live video about our Stream Stewards Program with The Nature Conservancy and what bugs we found in the river that day!

The second event we participated in the past few days was canoemobile! Canoeomobile is a great program that allows kids in urban areas a chance to explore the river in their cities on canoes! The event is supported by both the National Park Service and The Wilderness Inquiry. While we may not have been in canoes on the river, we were talking with over 200 kids about the importance of Leave No Trace, how litter can get into our water ways, and how it affects our watersheds.