The weather today in Shiloh National Military Park was spectacular for outdoor service projects. Troop 506 joined me for a special project at the Shiloh Indian Mounds. Sixteen eager Boy Scouts showed up bright and early with parents and siblings along for the ride. We focused on the area once occupied by Native Americans during the Mississippian period. During recent storms several large limbs and debris fell into the borrow pits. Borrow pits are large concave areas in the ground. Soil and clay taken from these pits were used to construct the large mounds that served as places of worship, houses of esteemed people, and burial sites. Our goal today was to clear the limbs and debris from the pits to prevent erosion and clear the Indian Mound Trail.

Even little sisters pitched in! img_1922

After addressing any possible safety issues, the Scouts and I grabbed our gloves and the work began. Even parents and siblings were eager to pitch in. The enthusiasm for accomplishing the task and the teamwork they displayed to achieve our goal was very impressive. When we needed to look for trash in the large central area of the mounds, the boys suggested everyone form a police line in order to cover more ground. The older boys helped the younger ones carry large branches showing them how effective teamwork can be. The Scouts were able to finish the project with time to tour the site and learn about the historic landmark they were helping to preserve. They even thanked me for letting them complete their service project here at Shiloh. Today left me looking forward to my next group of Boy Scout volunteers and the joy they bring to the park.

Thank you so much Troop 506!