The William Floyd House can also be known as Nicholl Floyd House and Old Mastic House, was home to William Floyd, a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence. The home is located in Mastic Beach, New York. It was his home from 1734 until 1803.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to head over to the William Floyd Estate in Mastic Beach. Kaileigh Mendoza and I were given an in depth tour of the estate by volunteer Zak. This tour lasted 2+ hours (most tours end sooner than this one) where we learned the history of the Floyd’s estate. Interestingly enough I learned that the Vice President of the Libertarian party running in the 2016 election, is William Weld, who is a relative of the Floyd’s.

During my visit I learned a lot about the daily duties of the William Floyd Estate volunteer. Fire Island National Seashore William Floyd Estate Ranger Denise explained that the commitment of volunteers at the estate provide a huge asset to their daily functionality.

Zak (left hand side of photo below), a 20 year retired federal air traffic control employee says that the favorite part of his day at the estate is talking about the house and only the house. Sometimes his tours last over the 1.45 hr mark that he tells visitors before the tour begins because the they all become so wrapped up in learning about the history of the house.

Bob (right hand side of photo above), an 8 year retired long island railroad conductor is a history buff who enjoys giving tours of the house to visitors. Both volunteers love coming into work and continue to brush up on their history skills each day so that they have the ability to answer any question one may have about the history of the estate!

In addition, the Floyd estate has other things to offer such as educational programs and a trail that leads to a cemetery! The cemetery holds the remains of many members of the Floyd family and the estates care-takers.

The William Floyd Estate is a great place to come if you want to explore, learn and have fun!