It’s was busier than normal this Monday evening at Canyon de Chelly. We always seem to have a variety of non-traditional populations who visit our park on this particular day. This year there were warrior princesses, villain-busting superheroes, mutant ninja turtles, and the undead walking through our doors, all ready to model their outfits in a photo shoot for our annual spooky fashion contest. We gave them little bags of treats for dressing their best, and afterwards they no doubt left us to stroll other neighborhoods for free sweets, or perhaps they enjoyed the local entertainment where they could listen to screaming humans as they ran mazes from clowns and chainsaw fanatics. It was an enjoyable evening, but alas! It was no simple task, attempting to host this event with but a few park rangers. Luckily, we had some volunteers who were happy to cater to this diverse crowd of monsters, ghouls, royal highnesses, and super-powered beings. The kindly individuals helped us register the contestants, distribute candy, and gave Canyon de Chelly Park Rangers the ability to solely concentrate on the photo shoot. We wish their souls a Happy Halloween, and hope they didn’t encounter any blood-thirsty creatures on their journey back home.