To begin this, I would like to express my appreciation for the beauty that the Fire Island Lighthouse contributes to the landscape of Fire Island and Long Island. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of working with the great park volunteers and and staff of the Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society who contribute their time to the everlasting functionality of the Fire Island Lighthouse.

It seems that the Lighthouse Beach is a frequently visited area in the summer months, but the amount of people who enjoy the beauty of the beach in the winter is impressive as well. During my visit to the Lighthouse I began to develop a new-found appreciation and over all a new idea of the beach, as a winter-time place to see. Pictured below are photographs of the Fire Island Lighthouse during the winter time.


If interested in learning more about the Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society, please follow them at FireIslandLH on Facebook.

During my time working at the Lighthouse yesterday, I was able to actively help the Society’s Volunteer and Board Member Bette Berman, update the group’s Facebook page and Constant Contact email outlet.

Wildlife on Fire Island is very prominent during all seasons, even in the winter time! Yesterday, at the Lighthouse, located just east of Robert Moses State Park, I was able to see several fox, deer, and gulls. These creatures are quite the sight to see, especially the fox. The fox around Robert Moses State Park and the Lighthouse unfortunately are so accustom to humans, that they often venture very close vehicles driving close to their habitat. This can be very dangerous at dusk, which is the prime time for many animals (deer and fox) to come out and forage for food. With this being said, we must not feed the wild animals on Fire Island as it is puts them in harm’s way; plus the food we humans provide if often lacking in nutrition that the animals would normally get from the foods they eat from nature. Animals learn that humans will provide them food, so they spend less energy foraging and more energy waiting around looking cute for drivers to stop by and throw them a treat.

On my journey home, I exited the lighthouse and drove down to the end of Field One at Robert Moses State Park to try to get a good shot of the amazing sunset that was taking place. As I began to pull over to find a good spot to park, I realized that there was a fox that had been following my slow moving car. After I took some photos, and walked back to my car, I saw this majestic creature staring right at me!

Pictured below is my fellow fox friend, and the magical Fire Island sunset I capture photos of:

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