On set outside Arlington House, VA with CVA Kam Allen as the model, Ranger Rachel as editor, and myself, Quinn Conlan, as the filmographer

One of the many roles Centennial Volunteer Ambassadors (CVA) play for the National Park Service (NPS) is as media gurus; creating fun, youthful, and relevant media for the park. My park, the George Washington Memorial Parkway, made 2 videos with Student Conservation Association (SCA) interns in 2016; a rap and a mannequin challenge. The first video of 2017 went live yesterday! It is the history of the National Park Service told through uniforms. Check it out!

I was the filmographer for the video which was so rewarding on a personal level because I was a film minor in college. I got the minor because of my affinity for and appreciation of the art of film, and never expected to use it in my career. It came in handy, and it was really a joy to spend a day outdoors working with actors, getting great shots, and working as a team. This was a collaborative effort between NPS rangers and SCA interns; with 2 CVAs starring in the video, myself filming the video, and yet another SCA intern designing all the costumes to be historically accurate. The same SCA intern was also our source for in-depth knowledge of the history of each uniform as we added interpretation to all of the shots. In total 12 people worked on the video, 5 SCA interns and 7 NPS rangers and we couldn’t be more happy with how it came out!

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Our hope is that people will appreciate the 100 year history of the National Park Service and see how the agency has grown and changed through the years to accommodate an ever-changing America.

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Quinn Conlan, Centennial Volunteer Ambassador, George Washington Memorial Parkway, VA