I am nearing the end of my official yearlong internship as a CVA with SCA, however, I received an extension through August 2017 to continue developing the Volunteer Program at the same park. It’s been a stressful and rewarding year. Even though I am the intern, the Volunteer Coordinator only wears the Volunteer Coordinator hat a small percentage of the time, so I mainly lead the volunteer program. It’s been frustrating at times, because I didn’t know I was getting into that much responsibility, but the time spent with volunteers—developing relationships and memories—has been priceless. Now I see my new friends around town, and I’m excited to continue volunteering every once in a while next school year when my internship is completely done, so that I can stay connected with them. The personal and professional growth has been rewarding as well. Despite some hard days, if I knew a year ago what my position would be like, I still would have taken it. It’s been a step in my journey that God led me to, and I know He is writing my story and arranging the pieces. I try to trust Him on that even during stressful days.

Thank you to all my fellow CVA’s, Molly, Emily, and Ernestine, co-workers & volunteers for the challenging and exhilarating internship. It’s not over yet!