Hello everyone!  This is Joe Morse from Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.  Today I present to you my twelfth and last Service Spotlight, where I interview a volunteer from one of our sites to get a better sense of what they bring to our volunteer program.

This May, I had the opportunity to interview Samantha Hansen.  Samantha is one of our youth volunteers who helps us re-enact Fort History during our special events such as Campfires and Candlelight’s and the Children’s Cultural Parade.  The energy, enthusiasm, and talent talent she displays playing her historical characters role never fail to impress the public.


Here is the transcript of my interview with Samantha:

How long have you been volunteering at Fort Vancouver?

This summer will be two years.

What do you typically do as a volunteer?

I usually work one of the stations.  Like during brigade encampment, I volunteer in one of the tents.

How did you happen to become a volunteer at Fort Vancouver?

Annalisa Quarto did an acting program with me called Journey.  Then she told me about the schools, and I did the first year with a friend, Sydney Tag.  I did first year Engagé.  This year I’m doing first year and second year Engagé school.

What’s your favorite thing about volunteering here at Fort Vancouver?

I love just being able to share my knowledge with the public.  Because in one-hundred years this place could be gone, but with the NPS and us volunteers, we are able to basically keep history alive.

What keeps you volunteering?

The fact that I am able to keep learning about everything that’s here, and for the most part I just find this place pretty fascinating.

What the biggest challenge of being a volunteer and how do you overcome that?

Just trying to keep the public interested because you never know even when a visitor walks through the door what they’re going to be interested in.

What’s one thing you’d like to tell people who come to the Blacksmith Shop?

Don’t be afraid to ask any crazy questions because there is at least one person here who can answer it.

Any cool facts about yourself that people should know?

Nah I don’t. Well actually, I am in a theater group and the classes I take there help me with my public speaking here.


That concludes my final Service Spotlight. It has been a pleasure working at the Fort with all our volunteers and staff, and I hope you all have enjoyed reading my Fort blogs!